Foot Facts

Our Foundation


Your foot is the foundation on which your body is built. Your entire weight rests on just a few square centimetres. Your foot has a role in stability, shock absorption and propulsion. It is therefore an essential factor in maintaining the balance and well-being of your body.


Has it, occurred to you that the pains in your joints may come from your feet?



The foot has its own morphology (size, volume, shape). We often hear of feet described as normal hollow or flat. There is however a whole range of combination in terms of the variables described above. Each foot leaves a foot print that is absolutely unique.


So why are they all are expected to fit into the same mass-produced shoes or Orthotics?



The foot has 26 bones, 33 joints and over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments – so a lot can go wrong.


When its muscular strength diminishes, your foot tends to sag, becomes deformed and absorbs fewer shock waves.


Has your foot already complained? Maybe not but you have (ouch, a sprain!!!)



Your foot changes over the course of your life.
When you are 30 your foot won’t be the same as when you were 20. Your foot adapts to your changing body as part of its natural functionality.


Did you wear the same shoes at the age of 15 as you did when you were 30? We didn’t think so!



Your feet carry you every day and it’s through them that you receive the majority of sensations. They are real sensors that will have a positive or negative impact that spreads quickly throughout your entire body.


Haven’t you ever felt the pain of muscle cramps or tendonitis?



Your foot has its own unique behaviour. It is constantly reacting to what is asked of it. Your foot is always moving between pronation and supination. During a race, it can sometimes elongate as much as 1.5 cm.


Haven’t you ever had blisters or rubbing?